Essential Oils

Essential oils are easy to use and very portable. Simply, remove the lid, breath normally and go about your regular activities. Each bottle scents up to 400 sq. ft.. The essential oils  are simple to care for and require virtually no maintenance. Although the jars can be left open at all times, most like to close the lid when it is not in use so the product lasts longer. Before reopening, give the jar a quick shake to moisten the entire biodegradable sponge, this will encourage the scent into the room. A jar will last up to 2 years and maintain the scent.

These oils are not meant to be used on the skin although they are 100% essential oils. It is strongly suggested that a glass or ceramic coaster be placed under the jar in case of spillage. As per normal practice during pregnancy, check with your health practitioner before using.

Marjoram (cure for snoring) and  Rosemary (helps prevent migraines) are two of our best sellers and both have a 30 day money back guarantee if used as directed.


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Get A Good Nights Sleep


Made from a blend of essential oils,
associated with inducing sleep. Contains Chamomile oil.
Will last for one year or longer.

Anti Flu
Is a soothing antiseptic, that contains lime essential oil, helps kills germs, is good for headaches, helps with sore limbs, helps with sleep.


It is a strong antiseptic and has a cleansing effect. It is used as a comforting oil during the cold season, and a lovely room fragrance.


A soothing antiseptic, helps deal with respiratory infections, bronchitis, can help with irritability, it is good for soothing tension without any side effects.


Antiseptic, natural deodorizer, combats fever, insect repellent, use in a vaporizer to deter insects, extremely useful in the home, cheers the spirits.



Cough, catarrh, asthma, allergies, strong expectorant, neutralizes the smell of tobacco. Highly recommended for smokers. Repels fleas.



Appetite suppressor, stress reducer, good general tonic, circulation problems, varicose veins, helps prevent influenza, strengthens body’s defences



Can help relieve high blood pressure, will help relieve headaches, is an anti-depressant, and helps with – rheumatism, cardiac disorders, vertigo, nausea, insomnia, aches and pains.



Mandarin oil is soothing to the nervous system and has a tonic effect on the digestive system. It is also useful for the skin and is used to help with stretch marks, and increasing circulation.



Lime is good for fevers, it really helps with cold, does well with sore throat etc. Lime is a natural Anti-septic and Anti-viral essential oil that will help with those winter sniffles.



Growth, convalescence, tiredness, strengthens the heart, anxiety, nervous tension, obsessiveness, concentration booster.



Colds, Bronchitis, Immune system booster, muscular pain, strengthens nerves.



Anti-inflammatory, acne, antiseptic, cell regenerator, anti-depressant, helps check food cravings, insect repellent.



Orange Blossom
A natural sedative, dizziness, fainting, hysteria, induces sleep. Helps with anxiety, depression and PMS.



Insomnia, bronchitis, sinusitis, stimulant disinfectant for harmful germs. Cold, flu, arthritic aches and pains, chest decongestant.



Respiratory system, anti-inflammatory, digestive tract, stimulate circulation, stomach cramps, refreshes mind and body.



Natural energy provider, muscular pains, low blood pressure, circulation problems, lumbago, stress disorders.



Nervous system, circulation system, use as an anti-depressant, aging skin, relaxing, relieves Menstrual and Menopausal symptoms.



Stop Smoking
Helps stop your cravings, helps breathing, use at Night to help relieve craving in morning. This will help you in your desire to stop smoking.



Sandlewood – APHRODISIAC
Environmental purifier, antiseptic, expectorant, depressive insomnia and stress related disorders, chronic Bronchitis.



Lifts morale, nervous tension, stress related disorders, inhibits anger born of frustration, insomnia.





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